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Dear December,

Im Ditching Paper for Pixels: Navigating the Digital Planning Terrain

Hello my beautiful people,

Guess who's decided to make the switch from scribbling on paper to embracing the digital planning life? Yep, that's me! No more dragging around a bulky planner – now, everything's neatly synced across my devices, and I've got a few thoughts to share about this whole digital planning journey.

Why Digital Planning Just Makes Sense:

Customization without the Fuss:

  • Found a style template that suits my vibe on Etsy. Goodnotes is my go-to – customizable and hassle-free app.

Sticker Fun in the Digital Realm:

  • Digital stickers are a game-changer. They jazz up my planner without the mess of traditional ones. A virtual scrapbooking party at its finest!

Syncing – No More Drama:

  • Syncing between my iPad and iPhone is like having my planner in two places at once. No more "I left it at home" panic moments.

Green Choices – Undated and Reusable:

  • Went paperless with an undated planner. It's eco-friendly, and I can reuse it year after year. A win for the environment and my wallet.

Hyperlinks for the Win:

  • Hyperlinks in my planner? Yes, please! A photo and a link – efficiency at its best.

Designer's Corner in the Digital Space:

  • As a designer, creating a monthly mood board is a breeze. Digital planning keeps everything tidy in one spot – my creative hub on the go!

My Take on Goodnotes:

I might be new to the digital planning scene, but Goodnotes has been treating me right. It's free to try – check it out here.

Truth be told, when it comes to brainstorming or jotting down a quick to-do list, I still find comfort in good ol' paper. Maybe one day, I'll fully convert, but for now, it's a balanced dance between pixels and paper.

As a little gift, I've designed some digital stickers. Give them a try on the free version of Goodnotes with their complimentary calendar. Let's add a bit of color to your planning routine!

*** These stickers are exclusively intended for personal use. Selling or reproducing these copyrighted stickers by Sweet Gardenia Roots is prohibited.***

Download your digital sticker here

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