How to make stickers with your Cricut using OffSet (2021)

I have become obsessed with making stickers and so has my daughter! We both love to doodle on procreate and then print and cut on our Cricut.

Cricut now has a new feature call off Set which makes making stickers super easy. Let me walk you through all the steps on how to use the print then cut and off set feature on Cricut design space. I'll be using one of Cricut's free SVG which will come a super cute sticker.

What you will need

  • cricut machine

  • inkjet printer

  • inkjet sticker paper

  • cutting mat

Step one

Upload an image... I am using a free image from Cricut design space

Step two

Click on Blank Canvas. You're gonna wanna change the color of the canvas to make things easier.

Step Three

Go to the top of the page and choose whatever color you want.

Step Four

Try to use a color that's not in your design.

Step Five

Select image and click on Offset.

Step Six

Here you can play around with your setting. I just can't believe how easy it is to make sticker now!!

Click apply.

Step Seven

Time to change the offset color. You can keep it like that but I prefer white.

Step Eight

Click on the offset layer. Go to color and change it to whatever you want.

Step Nine

I went with white.

Step Ten

Now you are gonna wanna select all layers. Two ways of doing this:

  1. On your keyboard hold SHIFT and click on each later OR...

  2. On cricut design space click on "Select all" its right beside "Edit" and "Offset"

Step Eleven

Now that all layers are selected you will want to flatten image ( bottom of the page beside Slice and Weld.

That is it my friends! You have just created your first sticker using the new feature offset on Cricut design space. Just follow the same steps on whatever image you want to make into a sticker.

Tip: Remember that when you Print and cut the image has to fit on 6.75" x 9.25". I like to create a shape that size and fit has many images as I can.

Happy Crafting!